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Pennywinkle Quilting Machines/Anna Bella Quilting Academy

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Pennywinkle Quilting Machines

Expand your creative expression with Sunshine 16 or the Sunny 24. 

You'll be amazed at the quality and affordability we offer

Coming soon

Electric height adjustable legs 


Sunshine 16 Wall table unit


Sunshine 16 

​Handle bar machine with frame


A height adjustable 

cutting/sewing machine table



New purchases of Sunshine 16 and Sunny 24 machines and frames

may increase in price due to the possible tarriffs imposed  on steel and aluminum

This is an excuse for state side companies to also raise prices

I do still have inventory on the shelf and I will keep my prices at the old steel and aluminum prices for as long as I can.

When, you purchase a Pennywinkle product you're not only purchasing an American made machine built by my husband and myself, you're also employing the other vendors I contract to do my powder coating, the custom routing of the enclosures, aluminum extruders, steel manufacturers and the list goes on.