Pennywinkle Quilting Machines

Pennywinkle Frame

Frame is constructed of 1" square tubing

All frame parts are precision machined and welded in fixtures

With a durable powder coated surface

Frame legs have extensions to enable you to adjust the height of the frame up to 13"

From the sit down to stand up

Complete system includes a durable canvas leader cloth to attach your quilt and an overhead light frame to hang your favorite lighting

So, no matter where you place your frame you will always have good lighting on your quilt project

The foot print of this frame with machine is 4' x 9' or 11'

Some height measurements are in the sit down position

Quilt back pole to floor 29"

Top of light frame work 61"

Standard Pennywinkle frame choice of 8' or 10' sizes

Our Heavy duty frames are constructed of 1 1/2" square tubing

To have more quilting space in the harp area of the machine we decided to use 1 1/2" heavy wall round tubing, this way there would not be any bowing or flex of the tube

All machines with frames come complete with overhead light frame durable canvas leader cloth

The HD frame is also height adjustable from sit down to stand up

The foot print of this frame with machine 5' x 11' or 13'

Some height measurements are in the sit down position

Quilt back pole to floor 30"

Top of light frame 68"

Heavy duty Pennywinkle frame choice of 10' or 12'

Sunshine 16 and Sunny 24 machines

are precision built with extruded aluminum body

Engineered not to flex when you start your machine

Being built in several separate parts, if you were to drop your machine, we can replace the damaged parts only,

not the whole machine

Special features

Needle bar does not need to be oiled because of a special linear bearing to ensure no oil coming in contact with your fabric

Precision high speed sealed bearings on the upper and lower shafts which means no oiling wicks or bushing that wears out

Synchronous timing belts and pulleys for a smooth and quiet running machine

1/5 HP, 2.9 amp 10,000 rpm motor, under driven 6 to 1 ratio to reduce the speed to approximately 2000 +/- stitches per minute

Variable speed control on the front of the electric box to set maximum speed

Table machines have a variable speed foot control, which can be used on

handle bar machines, too

Two directional LED lights

Easy to access fuses for the on/off switches

Easy to thread your machine, no need to walk around to back or having to reach over the frame to access the thread

Needle plate is flush to the work surface

Free complementary Starter Kit

Two packages of needles sizes 16 and 18

Steel bobbins, pre-wound bobbins

Two styles of bobbin cases

standard and back lash

Zoom oil

Lint brush

Set of screw drivers


Thread net

Horizontal thread holder

Thread samples

Quackers for the table unit

Sunny 24

24" deep x 8" tall harp area

Weights approximately 40 pounds

 Easy to maintain, no costly service plans

Required maintenance on

Sunshine or Sunny

Five (5) oiling points in the head of the machine


a drop in the hook/bobbin case area

Clean the lint from the bobbin case/hook area

You're done and ready to go

Sunshine 16

16" deep x 7" tall harp area

Weights approximately 32 pounds

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