Handcrafted Quality

Pennywinkle Quilting Machines/Anna Bella Quilting Academy

1748 Whitson Bend Rd. Centerville, TN   37033     931-622-1336

Pennywinkle Quilting Machines


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Speed control on the front of electric box

On/off button on handle bar

Flip over handle bars to follow patterns

Pennywinkle HD frame is constructed out

of 1 1/2" square tubing

Includes over head light frame work

for your favorite lighting

Height adjustable from sit down to stand up

Durable canvas leader cloth to attach your quilt

Choice of 10' or 12' frame

Sunny 24

Handle Bar Machine


Pennywinkle HD Frame

Option to purchase

15" x 15" extend a base     $75.00

Roll 'n Glide 1/4" foot        $50.00